Writing an editorial assignment photography

It no longer has the budgets it used to, and there are not as many publications to go around, but you may still get called on from time to time to shoot a series of images for a magazine. But where do you start when you get the call?

Writing an editorial assignment photography

To receive consideration for publication you must read and follow these guidelines. The staff at Southwest Fly Fishing takes pride in our editorial content.

Our writing is refreshing; our photography, captivating. Southwest Fly Fishing is issued on a quarterly schedule. To receive consideration for Southwest Fly Fishing, articles must be accompanied by stunning, diverse, professional-level photography.

The best way to get a feel for what we publish is to study our magazines. Read these Guidelines thoroughly. This index provides a state-by-state list of waters we have previously covered. Note that we discourage unsolicited submissions. Please follow protocol by querying us on your idea first.

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No submission is considered an assignment until you have received from us an official Assignment Confirmation email. Do not send us simultaneous queries or submissions—do not send queries or submissions to other magazines if you are sending them to us.

Angling destinations include both the famous and the lesser-known waters, and include all species found in our diverse geographical region.

If more than one species is found in any given water, writers should cover each species, as well as every season that water is fishable. In short, feature articles should be concise, and leave no holes.

Our goal is to cover specific angling destinations as no other publication has done in the past. Include the dressings materials list with the article document and send two examples of each of the flies for us to photograph.

Exceptions are as follows: In the Vise This department covers patterns of national or regional significance.

writing an editorial assignment photography

New, unusual, and exciting patterns are encouraged, but we will also represent the time-proven standards. Flies for any species can be considered. These word articles should include a little history and use of the fly, as well as step-by-step photos 6 of the tying sequence, expertly shot against a neutral-colored background.

Two finished flies should accompany the article for photographic purposes, including the one used for the step-by-step photography. If you are not equipped for, and experienced in, close-up step-by-step fly tying photography, we prefer to shoot the step-by-step photos arrangements for this can be discussed in the query process.

As with all material submitted, query first after checking our editorial index. Conservation almost always staff written Our Conservation department covers any conservation issue pertinent to the coverage area of Southwest Fly Fishing. Maximum length, words; requires a selection of accompanying images.

Exposure Photo essay of 12 outstanding images depicting Southwest angling; all images must be tied together by a proposed theme. We like to see plenty to choose from at least 30 to 60 images with lots of variety. We do not assign Exposure without first seeing the images, and all submissions are subject to final approval by our art director; in the event that the art director rejects a submission previously accepted by the editorial department, the photographer will receive a kill fee of 50 percent of the pay rate for the department.

We have a strong preference for unedited RAW-format images. Please study our magazines to understand the kind of photography we publish. All of our regular contributors use SLR cameras, not point-and-shoots; potential contributors who make a serious commitment to excellent photography stand a much better chance of having work accepted for Southwest Fly Fishing.

A megabyte file is needed for full-page offset printing.

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Discs will not be returned. If only jpegs are available, please make sure they are of the maximum image quality available on your camera. A formal query letter, outlining the proposed article, should be sent to the editor before making a submission.

We discourage unsolicited material. For new contributors, a sample selection of images MUST accompany the formal query. Please note that we DO NOT return disks, thumb drives, flies, maps, or contact sheets except in special circumstances with prior arrangement. Manuscripts accepted without the appropriate photographic support will warrant less money for their use.

We reserve the option to edit all articles; however, we will make every effort to minimize editing to avoid changing the style or content of manuscripts.Academic Assignment.


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My news and editorial photography rates follow the industry-standard formula of being comprised of two separate fees: a creative fee (plus any expenses incurred on assignment) and a usage fee..

My stock photo archive is represented by the ZUMA Press photo agency in San Clemente, Calif. Nikki is also available on a retainer basis for editorial and writing support.

writing an editorial assignment photography

Articles on assignment for your magazine, website or catalog Nikki can provide canny coverage of your event, keen content for your publication, basic to highly technical works.

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