The lego group case study essay

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The lego group case study essay

Lego has to outsource its production line in those countries, it can lower the production cost, making the products to be more competitive with rivalries.

Difficult to control intellectual properties, and its supply chain. Significantly reduce the production cost by outsourcing to developing countries as other direct competitors.

Possibly unwelcome by their devotees since the product is no longer produced by Danish labors. Meanwhile, supply chain and QC will become a setback to the group.

Lego has to strive for strategic, innovative development rather than relying on the past success. Any major change of business decision will face the risk of total failure of the company.

The new generations has shifted their interested into digital gadgets from traditional toys. The company has developed a strategy in digital inwith Warner Brothers. In the other word, the management must think as a Baby-Boomer and a Generation Y.

The lego group case study essay

They preferred more traditional wooden rather than plastic ones. The plastic Lego bricks had proven to be one of the huge successful toy products in the century. It is durable and easy for mass production.

The active ingredient of plastic is a by-product of petroleum, which is a highly polluted industry in the World. On the other hand, wooden product can be obtained from renewable forests, a sustainable source compare with plastic. The future design which based on this existing stud and tube interlocking system model is limited.

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And the patent will expire eventually. The LEGO Group has improved the company situation and historical success in andafter a huge declined in Porter, 2 to identify the strengths of the five different competitive drivers within this industry.

Since the ABS is produced with petroleum and its by-products. Therefore the fluctuations in oil prices may directly affect the profits of LEGO. SinceLEGO has changed its strategy, to obtain licensed theme from filmmakers and book authors instead of developing products with their own designs.

Pressures putting on LEGO were significant from these companies due to their own problems. These chain retailers have the bargaining power on delivery times and retail price.

That is, for instance, if LEGO does not supply the products efficiently during Christmas shopping season, these retailers could totally replace LEGO with other brands of toys on the shelves.

Although LEGO has superior popularity and strongest position in the construction toys market in the World. As the crude prices slides after the financial crisis ofit became easier for new copycat entrants to obtain resources.

Therefore, I concluded that the threat of new entrants is moderate to high. The rivalries are included the traditional toys manufactured by such as Mattel and Hasbro, or electronic gadgets by Sony, Nintendo or any other computer games.

According to the case study, children seem to mature earlier, get bored fast, they prefer to play with more exciting toys and switch to substitutes.

The company were setting strategic plans to build new LEGOLAND theme parks; launching licensed theme products based on its traditional plastic bricks.

Meanwhile the rivalry was producing toys in low-cost countries.

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This is an opportunity for the company to outsource its production plant in Eastern European countries and Mexico. However, another problem have arisen for LEGO because it had no experience in remote management of overseas production line. LEGO has to cooperate with a Singapore company Flextronics to manage the Polish plant, in order to overcome this weakness.

And it is also became a threat to LEGO since the rivalries have outsourced to the developing countries. In order to minimize the threats of competition and the effects of the high production cost, Jorgen was reviewed the whole procurement process, including outsourcing and layoff in home country.

Another strategy for meeting competitive pressures was to invite its users to participate in product development, lower the cost in research and development, and also maintain an interaction between the company and consumers. These strengths, under the leadership of JorgenVig Knudstorp enabled the group to develop new product line that met market trends for cyber age consumers the on-line game, official website to LEGO Universalas well as the Hollywood blockbuster movies licensed theme products.

The group will become more influential in the Hollywood and perhaps Bollywood. Conclusions In another tactical move, I would suggest the company could sell license to domestic end-users to print their own bricks at home by LEGO 3-D printer kits.

These would allow the consumer to pay for loyalty fee to the group, and enable them to print out the missing parts or even the required amount of bricks for a whole set of finished models, or creating a customer-designed, a unique decoration elements, it could made more positive topics around the brand.

Finally, users are sometimes quite ambitious to build their one of a kind model.Essay about The Lego Group: an Outsourcing Journey Case Analysis The LEGO Group: | An Outsourcing Journey | | | 8/2/ | Introduction began an especially difficult period for The LEGO Group, which entered into a financial crisis resulting in a deficit of billion DKK ($MM USD).

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The Lego Group Case: The Crisis Prior to finalizing a strategic recommendation for Knudstorp and the Lego Group, I needed to gain perspective on the industry and internal factors that have historically interfered with Lego’s business model, and thus lead them to the point of bankruptcy.

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