The internet television and truth

Despite lacking a complete understanding of the subject, as such knowledge is higher than our thoughts Isaiah And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined, and will try them as gold is tried:

The internet television and truth

Abridged from the "Television" chapter in "To Kindle a Soul. For those who had seen the dark side of polytheism and yet knew of a brighter truth, nothing could have been as repulsive as cultures of idol worship.

One would think there was little danger of Jewry being drawn into pagan rituals. God did not feel the same confidence. If Jewry would bring idols into their own homes, even for aesthetic enjoyment or academic study, they could corrupt Jewish sensibilities.

Traditional Jews long understood that the home is not just a dorm and restaurant: As such, it demands protection.

Influences that are only offensive on the streets can be deadly in the den. Their first question has always been, "How will this affect my children? Nonetheless, it cited what secular scholars would term psychological and developmental dangers.

It suggested that these dangers were related to both content and medium, and it recommended that parents not expose their children to television. At the time, the warning must have seemed provincial at best to those unfamiliar with the uncanny insight of traditional Jewish wisdom.

Intelevision research in secular, academic circles was just beginning. The entire scientific literature consisted of only about research papers and a summary report issued jointly by the United States Surgeon General and the National Institute of Mental Health.

Their highly critical two-volume statement4 failed to gain much attention outside of academic circles, but it shook the world of research-psychologists and inspired a flood of further studies about the dangers of television.

Thousands of subsequent investigations confirmed the early findings, and today a rich literature documents the negative outcomes of exposing children to television.

CONTENT Most discussions focus on the deleterious effects of television content as opposed to mediumso let us begin our review there. Alcohol Inone out of three high school seniors, one out of four tenth-graders, and one out of seven eighth-graders got drunk at least once every two weeks.

The report of the Surgeon General revealed that alcohol is the most consumed beverage on prime time television shows. Television characters drink alcohol twice as often as they drink tea or coffee, 14 times as frequently as soft drinks, and 15 times more often than water. New Zealand researchers in fact discovered a direct correlation between frequency of television viewing among 13 to 15 year olds and quantity of alcohol consumed at age The more TV young teens watched, the more alcohol they drank three to five years later.

The Stanford team concluded: The findings of this study have important health and public policy implications… The large magnitudes of the these associations between hours of television viewing and music video viewing and the subsequent onset of drinking demand that attempts to prevent adolescent alcohol abuse should address the adverse influences of alcohol use in the media.

Violence The earliest content-based TV research focused on violence. Between and the average number of violent acts per hour ranged from 6.

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In the early a, MTV averaged 22 violent acts per hour, half of which involved major physical assaults, assaults with weapons, and threats accompanied by weapons.

Initially psychologists wondered whether exposure to so much media violence would affect behavior. Three early studies suggested an answer.

Brandon Centerwall, professor of epidemiology at the University of Washington, Seattle, led a group of researchers in an electrifying cross-cultural investigation.

The University of Washington project took advantage of the fact that television was introduced to North America almost thirty years before it arrived in South Africa.

Given that homicide is an adult activity, if television exerts its behavior-modifying effects primarily upon children, the initial "television-generation" would have had to age 10 to 15 years before they would have been old enough to affect the homicide rate. Initially all three countries had nearly identical rates.

In contrast, in South Africa, where television had yet to arrive, rates remained consistently low throughout this period. They found a precise correlation between when television arrived in each U. After successfully testing their theory against eleven falsifiable hypotheses, the University of Washington researchers concluded: The timing of the acquisition of television predicts the timing of the subsequent increase in rates of violence… A doubling of the homicide rate after everyone is exposed to television implies that the relative risk of homicide after prolonged exposure to television, compared with no exposure, is approximately 2: The epidemiological evidence indicates that if, hypothetically, television technology had never been developed, there would today be 10, fewer homicides each year in the United States, 70, fewer rapes, andfewer injurious assaults.

Until the summer oftelevision broadcasters had been unable to reach a certain Canadian town which Williams dubbed "Notel"but they expected to resolve these signal reception difficulties within a year.

Researchers then began a two-year study of randomly selected first- and second-grade students in all three towns, focusing on rates of objectively measured noxious physical aggression e. Over the same period, rates of aggression in the two control towns remained unchanged. Six groups of university investigators verified that the only significant difference between Notel and the control communities was the introduction of television.

They followed a large random sampling for 22 years, from third grade through adulthood, tracking violent behavior and a range of other habits and environmental stimuli.Gospel Truth Radio & Television.

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The internet television and truth

Instead, we are roiled by biases, gorging on what confirms our ideas and shunning what does not. See episodes of your favorite MTV Shows. Watch the latest Music Videos from your favorite music artists. Get up-to-date Celebrity and Music News. | Broadcasts that impart the the Gospel Truth.