Should children play tackle football essay

Comments 0 Parents across the country are increasingly weighing the health risks of letting their children play football against the joy the sport can bring. Everyone called him Tank.

Should children play tackle football essay

Should children be allowed to play? Why are some parents worried? Recent research found that when children who play football and other contact sports suffer repeated jolts to the head, it can cause lasting damage to the developing brain.

Football is a good sport for kids

That can be true even when kids do not suffer any concussions. This was startling news, given that Pee Wee and Pop Warner players sustain from to head hits per season between ages 9 and 12, a critical period of brain development. As a result, some prominent voices have urged parents not to let their kids play the game, among them neuropathologist Bennet Omalu, whose discovery of the progressive brain disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE in former NFL players is depicted in the film Concussion.

Omalu contends that children under 18 should not be allowed to risk their future by playing football. Some of the more troubling findings came from a study at Boston University. Researchers scanned the brains of 42 former NFL players, half of whom began playing tackle football before they turned 12, and the other half afterward.

In another study, Wake Forest University researchers detected brain matter anomalies among 24 high school football players tracked over the course of a single season, during which none had suffered a concussion — a loss of consciousness or extreme confusion.

A player may display no outward abnormalities, but his brain "is jostled over and over again inside the skull," with the resulting neuron damage eventually causing CTE. What are the symptoms of CTE? They can include mental confusion, loss of intelligence, headaches, aggressive behavior, dementia, severe depression, and suicidal thoughts.

CTE, however, can only be diagnosed during an autopsy, when doctors can search for telltale signs, notably excess deposits of a corrosive protein called tau. It was not until that Omalu confirmed the first case in a football player: Mike Webster, former center for the Pittsburgh Steelers who had died of a heart attack at 50 after suffering from depression and dementia.

Other prominent victims have included Chicago Bears safety Dave Duerson and Hall of Fame linebacker Junior Seau, both of whom committed suicide after suffering crippling depression; scores of other ex-players display symptoms.

Fear of CTE prompted San Francisco 49ers linebacker Chris Borland, who had suffered a minor concussion, to retire last year after just one season.

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What does the NFL say? Commissioner Roger Goodell claims a range of safeguards, such as reduced head contact in drills and improved equipment, have cut concussions "by 35 percent.

Meanwhile, publicity over head trauma may have contributed to a 9. The decline has since leveled off, however — good news for the NFL, since 70 percent of their players come up through the program.

Can better helmets protect kids? No amount of protection can stop the sudden acceleration and deceleration of the head that comes with blocking and tackling, which can cause the brain to slosh around inside the skull like the yolk inside a vigorously shaken eggshell. When the brain is compressed against the skull by this sudden stopping and starting, neurons are damaged — and they never recover.

The idea was that they would instinctively modify their blocking and tackling technique because any head contact would really be painful.

Tortured by head and neck pain, blurred vision, and constant ringing in his ears, Keck transferred to Missouri State, took one last massive hit to the side of his head, and then quit the game.

Despondent and anxious, he experienced disorientation and memory loss.

Should kids play tackle football? |

At age 25, Keck died of cardiac arrest, in Researchers found it brittle, deformed, and riddled with tau protein — a classic case. Keck is the youngest person definitively diagnosed with CTE.His day job involves telling America why its children should play tackle football, the same way his year-old son does.

"I think we all recognize there are challenges," Hallenbeck says. Football is a good sport for kids.

Should children play tackle football essay

They help kids stay in shape and the help motivate kids when they play and they build great trust and teamwork with each they can show there strength and may get a scholarship or even play in the big leagues and college football so say yes it is a great choice.

Children should play football because they like it, to have fun and to learn some important life lessons. My son Bradley loves playing football, and he would love to play at the next level.

We go to see our local high school team play from time to time, and Bradley wonders what it would be like to be out on that field if the opportunity comes. Nov 06,  · Why Kids Under 14 Should Not Play Tackle Football The more we learn about the dangers to children, the more it makes sense to wait By Mark Hyman @sportsparents Nov.

06, Football is a good sport for kids.

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They help kids stay in shape and the help motivate kids when they play and they build great trust and teamwork with each they can show there strength and may get a scholarship or even play in the big leagues and college football so say yes it is a great choice.

Everyone Should Play the Great Game of Football: A Persuasive Essay on Football The game of football is something that is very intriguing. Most people think that it’s a only a game of super star.

Should kids play football?