Short essay on benito juarez

His parents, who were poor peasants, died when he was three years old. He worked with his uncle until he was thirteen. Then he walked forty miles to the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, to move in with his sister.

Three years later, the Allies invaded Italy. His mother, Rosa Maltoni, was a teacher.

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His father, Alessandro, was a blacksmith who often encouraged Benito to disobey authority other than his own. He adored his father, but his love was never reciprocated. Like his sister, who was a member of the first Socialist International Party, Benito became a socialist.

He was not baptized as a child. He was sent to boarding school later that year and at age 11 was expelled for stabbing a fellow student in the hand and throwing an inkpot at a teacher. He did, however, receive good grades and qualified as an elementary schoolmaster in Inhe emigrated to Switzerland to escape military service.

During a period when he was unable to find a permanent job there, he was arrested for vagrancy and jailed for one night.

Essay title: Benito Mussolini

Later, after becoming involved in the socialist movement, he was deported and returned to Italy to do his military service. He returned to Switzerland immediately, and a second attempt to deport him was halted when Swiss socialist parliamentarians held an emergency debate to discuss his treatment.

Subsequently, a job was found for him in the city of Trento, which was ethnically Italian but then under the control of Austria-Hungaryin February There, he did office work for the local socialist party and edited its newspaper L'Avvenire del Lavoratore "The future of the worker".

It did not take him long to make contact with irredentist, socialist politician and journalist Cesare Battisti and to agree to write for and edit the latter's newspaper Il Popolo "The People" in addition to the work he did for the party. For Battisti's publication, he wrote a novel, Claudia Particella, l'amante del cardinale, which was published serially in He was later to dismiss it as written merely to smear the religious authorities.

Short essay on benito juarez

The novel was subsequently translated into English as The Cardinal's Mistress. In he had a son from Ida Dalser, a woman born in Sopramonte, a village near Trento. His polemic style and growing defiance of Royal authority and, as hinted, anti-clericalism put him in trouble with the authorities until he was finally deported at the end of September.

After his return to Italy prompted by his mother's illness and deathhe joined the staff of the "Central Organ of the Socialist Party," [3] Avanti! Birth of Fascism The term Fascism derives from the word "Fascio," which had existed in Italian politics for some time.

A section of revolutionary syndicalists broke with the Socialists over the issue of Italy's entry into the First World War.

The ambitious Mussolini quickly sided with them in when the war broke out. These syndicalists formed a group called Fasci d'azione rivoluzionaria internazionalista in October Massimo Rocca and Tulio Masotti asked Mussolini to settle the contradiction of his support for interventionism and still being the editor of Avanti!

Two weeks later, he joined the Milan fascio. Mussolini claimed that it would help strengthen a relatively new nation which had been united only in the s in the Risorgimentoalthough some would say that he wished for a collapse of society that would bring him to power.

It did not join the war in but did in — as Mussolini wished — on the side of Britain and France…. During that period, he kept a war diary in which he prefigured himself as a charismatic hero leader of a socially conservative national warrior community.

In reality, however, he spent most of the war in quiet sectors and saw very little action [4]. It has always been thought that he was seriously wounded in grenade practice in and that this accounts for his return to Milan to the editorship of his paper.

But recent research has shown that he, in fact, used what were only very minor injuries to cover the more serious affliction of neurosyphilis [5]. Fascism became an organized political movement following a meeting in Milan on March 23, Mussolini founded the Fasci di Combattimento on February 23, however.

After failing in the elections, Mussolini at last entered parliament in The Fascisti formed armed squads of war veterans called squadristi also referred to as "Blackshirts" to terrorize anarchists, socialists, and communists.

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The government rarely interfered. In return for the support of a group of industrialists and agrarians, Mussolini gave his approval often active to strikebreaking], and he abandoned revolutionary agitation.

At the age of 39, he became the youngest Premier in the history of Italy on October 31, John Updike wrote many short stories throughout his lifetime, one of his many short stories was A&P.

Short essay on benito juarez

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Benito Mussolini () Benito Mussolini was born on July 29th, in the town of Varnano dei Costa near the village of Predappio. His mother, Rosa Maltoni, was married to a blacksmith named Alessandro Mussolini.

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Benito Juárez: Benito Juarez, national hero and president of Mexico (), who for three years () fought against foreign occupation under the emperor Maximilian and who sought constitutional reforms to create a democratic federal republic.

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