Phd thesis for mechanical engineering

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Phd thesis for mechanical engineering

Whisker design for lighter-than-air robot Scutigera Supervisor: Inna Sharf The term s to begin: This robot will be made up of several floating modules "segments" interconnected by custom-design joints to allow for reconfiguration of the robot to maneuver in tight spaces.

The modules will be equipped with propulsion, power source and sensors for autonomous operation of the robot and for exploring its surroundings. One of its attributes will be whiskers or vibrissae which will be mounted on the head and along the body of the object.

These whiskers will provide sensing of the environment for two purposes: As part of this work, the student will need to review the background literature on vibrissae from the biological and robotics community.

A number of papers in the robotics community have been written dealing both with the design of vibriss but also how to reconstruct information about environment from different sensing modalities that can be incorporated into the whiskers design. These ideas and research can serve as a starting point for the design of vibrissae for Scutigera.

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Centre for Healthcare Engineering celebrates 10 years of innovation. October 3, — High atop the Myhal Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship, a group of engineering graduate students, faculty members, research scientists, and alumni gathered on October 1 to mark a decade of progress toward the goal of smarter health-care delivery.

What is a PhD? Doing doctoral research and writing a doctoral dissertation leads to the highest academic degree awarded at Flemish universities: the degree of doctor of philosophy.

“The idea of threshold concepts emerged from a UK national research project into the possible characteristics of strong teaching and learning environments in the disciplines for undergraduate education (Enhancing Teaching-Learning Environments in Undergraduate Courses).

Dr Amitava Ghosh & Dr Anand T N C has been chosen for the "Young Faculty Recognition Award (YFRA)" for the year Click Here to MS / PhD July - Results.. Prof. K.

Phd thesis for mechanical engineering

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