Paper doll fabric

June 7, by Joel Tags: Yesterday morning I gave her the present. I used fleece for my diaper, so its very easy to make. Not much sewing at all.

Paper doll fabric

Fuse the traced eyes to the black felt, the mouth to the pink felt, and the hair pieces to the brown felt. Cut each felt shape out along the tracing lines before removing the paper backing on the fusible web. Arrange the eyes, mouth, and front hair on one of the head pieces.

Press to fuse. Using thread that matches each felt piece, stitch around the eyes, mouth, and the lower edges of the hair to secure. Place the long hair strips in sets of 2 with the fusible sides together. Press each set to fuse so you have 3 double-thickness strips. Stitch around each piece close to the edges.

Stack the 3 braid pieces with the long ends pointing downward to the right, left, and center. The center piece should be on top. Stitch across the top of the pieces to secure them. Braid the three strips of hair loosely.

Secure the braid with a small elastic band at the bottom. Tip: fold each strip over toward the center as you braid it for a prettier braid. Arrange the back hair piece and the braid on top of the remaining head piece. Move the back head piece to the sewing machine and stitch along the lower edge of the back hair piece to secure it in place as well as the braid.

Press the seams toward the body. Pin the arm and leg pieces in sets right sides together and stitch around each set leaving the top straight edge open.

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Clip notches around the curved edges or trim with pinking shears. Turn each arm and leg piece right side out. Stuff lightly with polyester fiberfill. Baste the top edges together. Place the doll front and back pieces right sides together and carefully pin all around the head and body, making sure to keep the braid and arms toward the center and away from the seams.

Sew around the doll body and head starting with the body side seam and ending at the body side seam on the opposite side. Do not sew the square cut-out at the bottom of the body. You will sew the bottom edge, leaving an opening, in the next step. Clip notches around the curved head or trim with pinking shears.

Clip to the stitching at the top of the neck. Carefully turn the doll right side out by gently pulling it through the opening at the bottom.3. Cut out the doll pattern. Then decorate each doll with markers, or glue on trims such as ribbon, yarn, or fabric scraps.

You can also make holiday decorations with paper chains of hearts, shamrocks, bunnies, or stars -- just remember to leave a part touching each edge. Tube Friends are unique paper dolls that you can hide small things inside. Printed doll fabric // Tutorial –One doll panel (one yard of Basic or Kona cotton) inches of 1/4″ elastic-softie stuffing, I like Pellon Perfect Loft.

Paper doll fabric

When you order your fabric, it will come to you looking like this: Let’s start! Cut out the doll pieces: the body front-the body back-4 . Easy and cute 'paper dolls' made out of fabric. Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a doll accessory in under 45 minutes by decorating with fabric, stabilizer, and fabric scissors.

How To posted by Elisa C. in the Sewing section Difficulty: Eas. Fabric Transfer DIY: Here's a very easy step by step tutorial on how to transfer images onto fabric.

I have a lot of old photographs that my parents took years ago and I felt that this was the perfect project to keep the 'vintage' feel and upcycle one of my old deni.

Oct 20,  · ***If you don’t want to use fabric, you can try painting it or glueing on some colored paper. You can even make a few different outfits and change throughout the night! If you aren’t the paper doll type, try out this Cuckoo Clock Costume!

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Tutorial: Sew a set of fabric “paper” dolls – Sewing