Online thesis seminary

With no prior college credits, the B. Majors and Minors degree program. Read More The Doctor of Pastoral Counseling The Doctor of Pastoral Counseling is designed to provide you with the skills necessary for legitimacy and competency in the counseling field. The Doctor of Pastoral Ministry can be earned in combination with either the M.

Online thesis seminary

By Bob Thune September 21, The title of this post is bound to raise some ire. Wanting to be helpful, my friend asked what his criteria were for choosing a seminary. He had no idea. Christians have a nebulous perception that a seminary degree is like a union card for pastoral ministry.

In fact, in Acts 29, we find that church planters without a seminary degree are often more successful than those with a degree. Readers are going to have to forgive me for some over-generalizations in this post. What I am going to say is not true of all seminaries, all seminary graduates, or all potential seminary attendees.

I am not anti-seminary. I have a seminary degree myself, and I cherish the education and the spiritual formation that it provided me.

Online thesis seminary

Pastors work in the world of ideas. They are guardians of a storied theological heritage and teachers of a philosophy of life. Education is a must.

Here are some of my concerns: The nature of the business means that seminaries are always juggling the best interests of students, faculty, donors, and accrediting agencies. These players are never in agreement, which means that no one is ever happy.

Seminaries seek to accomplish theological training apart from immersion in a local church. Though most require their students to be active in a church, seminaries tend to be a breeding ground for Monday-morning-theologians who want to critique the church rather than serve it. Because professors are pressured to publish and gain tenure, the classes they teach are often little more than laboratories for their latest projects.

One seminary student in our church told me that every one of his classes this semester uses a book written by the professor. Seminaries continue to promote the M.

Seminary graduates tend to exit with heads full of theology, but without worshipful hearts or authentic relationships with non-Christians.

Online thesis seminary

I am aware this is an over-generalization. The seminary model is a tired one that needs to be updated for a post-Christian, technological age. The primary place for pastoral training and development should be within the local church. Good, theologically astute elders can guide aspiring leaders through a year or two of seminary-level reading and study without ever removing them from their church body.

Rather than paying thousands of dollars for a packaged seminary education, aspiring leaders can get exactly the same level of reading and study minus the classroom interaction for free, with the added bonus of mentorship and community with others in their local church.

Many seminaries offer lectures for free through iTunes U. Others allow students to audit classes via videoconferencing.

If you want to learn systematic theology from Wayne Grudem, church history from John Hannah, and apologetics from John Frame, why not?

Seminaries should continue to hire and equip the best and brightest academic minds in Christianity to do battle on the field of ideas. We need good theologians doing high-level academic work, and seminaries provide an important context for that. But rather than paying the bills by lassoing directionless Bible-college grads for a 3-year M.

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How would this change the face of theological education? Right now an aspiring pastor goes into the poorhouse to fund a 3-year M. Div, only to come out less equipped in many ways than when he went in.

He would avoid debt, stay connected to the local church, continue to grow as a missionary and worshipper not just a theologianand still come out with a top-notch education — and a much better pedigree for missional leadership.

When I was a sophomore engineering major at the University of Oklahoma, I contacted a family friend about a potential summer internship.“Knox Theological Seminary Online gives me the flexibility I need as a mother, writer, homeschool teacher, Sunday School teacher, and speaker to further my theological education.

The online professors, dean, and registrar are all supportive and easily accessible to help with any issues that arise.

Master of Divinity (64 hours + 32 hours) The highest obtainable Master’s degree offered at Covington Schools is the Master of Divinity degree and requires ninety-six (96) semester hours of studies above an approved Bachelor degree.

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