Nike business plan essay

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Nike business plan essay

Nike They did not want to make it too complicated or the average runner would not be interested; they had to keep their target market in mind. The product is simply a chip that fits into your Nike shoe that keeps track of you pace, distance, etc. This chip transfers data to your ipod nano which allows the runner to hear progress made and how far they have to go to reach their goal.

The simplicity of the product allowed them to make the price of their product quite low; but now so low to imply poor quality. This business plan composed of the idea of producing shoes in Japan and selling them in the United States. Later on in Phil Knight decided to give his business plan a try.

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He traveled to Japan to speak with a company that manufactures shoes that goes by the name of Tiger. Phil Knight was asked who he represented and he made up the name Blue Ribbon Shoes.

Over the 8 years the Blue Ribbon Shoes broke 1 million dollars in sales.

nike business plan essay

It was at this 8 year mark he changed the name to Nike and also included the swoosh to be recognizable characteristic. Nike business plan essay Nike got the marketer of the year award which increased it popularity even more.

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Environmental Analysis Social With the rise in obesity there are more and more people becoming self-conscious about their weight. This is resulting in more people going to gyms and pursuing other ways of getting exercise. This will directly result in more people purchasing the Nike plus who which to lose weight by running.

People these days are wanting to belong to something more than they did in the past. Examples of this are the huge rise in people using myspace, facebook and other social networking site. Nike took advantage of this trend by creating a networking site only for people who have purchased the Nike plus.

Economic Everyone is well aware that right now the economy is doing very poorly and people have less money to spend.

This will hurt Nike as a company being as most of their products are at the high end scale of pricing. However, the Nike plus is cheap when compared to similar products. So the downhill economy could in fact help with sales of the Nike plus.

Technological The current trend in this information age is everything becoming wireless. This includes cell phones, gaming consoles, blue tooth, etc. Nike took advantage of this trend by having the chip in the shoe communicate wirelessly with the receiver attached to the ipod nano.

Competitive Companies are continuously outsourcing production to other countries in order to be profitable while offering the lowest price.

Nike has taken advantage of this. Nike has the ability to move production from one country to another what ever one has cheapest labour while only incurring a small cost.

If the cost of labour raises somewhere, then Nike can move its production to another location where labour is cheaper. This means Nike can produce a high quality product at the lowest possible price.

Nike has very good research and development. This is very evident the many innovative product they have come out with. Nike has a global recognition for quality.

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Almost anywhere if some one sees the Nike swoosh they will recognize it as Nike. Weaknesses Nike does not have its own retailer and retailers are very price sensitive.

This means that Nike must sell to retailers a lower price because of the competion from other bands such as Addidas. Opportunities The owners of Nike claim that Nike is not a fashion brand.Free Essay: ABSTRACT This paper endeavors to recommend a viable marketing plan for the footwear giant, Nike.

The plan has been adequately substantiated with. Published: Mon, 5 Dec Originally founded by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman, Nike is now the market leader in the manufacturing of sportswear and gear and enjoys possessing more than 47% of the market share across the globe.

Integrated Marketing Communication Plan Nike Running Shoes I. Background Nike Incorporated, the leading innovator in athletic apparel and accessories, traces its roots to the University of Oregon track and field team of the early ’s.

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Marketing Plan Stage 2 Nike: Marketing Plan Nike Essay INTERNATIONAL and how this plan will meet our business plan objectives. The products’ position in the marketplace will also be included within this plan along with methods we will use for the promotional plan of the products.

You will find a twelve month calendar of our.

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