Main street by sinclair lewis

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Main street by sinclair lewis

See Article History Alternative Title: He won the Nobel Prize for Literature inthe first given to an American. Lewis graduated from Yale University and was for a time a reporter and also worked as an editor for several publishers.

His first novelOur Mr. Wrennattracted favourable criticism but few readers. At the same time he was writing with ever-increasing success for such popular magazines as The Saturday Evening Post and Cosmopolitan, but he never lost sight of his ambition to become a serious novelist. He undertook the writing of Main Street as a major effort, assuming that it would not bring him the ready rewards of magazine fiction.

Yet its publication in made his literary reputation.

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The satire is double-edged—directed against both the townspeople and the superficial intellectualism that despises them. In the years following its publication, Main Street became not just a novel but the textbook on American provincialism.

The name Babbitt passed into general usage to represent the optimistic, self-congratulatory, middle-aged businessman whose horizons were bounded by his village limits. He followed this success with Arrowsmitha satiric study of the medical profession, with emphasis on the frustration of fine scientific ideals.

Main street by sinclair lewis

His next important book, Elmer Gantrywas an attack on the ignorant, gross, and predatory leaders who had crept into the Protestant church. Dodsworthconcerning the experiences of a retired big businessman and his wife on a European tour, offered Lewis a chance to contrast American and European values and the very different temperaments of the man and his wife.

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It was produced as a play by the Federal Theatre with 21 companies in Kingsblood Royal is a novel of race relations. His reputation declined steadily after His two marriages the second was to the political columnist Dorothy Thompson ended in divorce, and he drank excessively.

Learn More in these related Britannica articles:Sinclair Lewis was born in in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, and graduated from Yale University in His college career was interrupted by various part-time occupations, including a period working at the Helicon Home Colony, Upton Sinclair’s socialist experiment in New Jersey.

Main Street is a classic satirical novel written by Sinclair Lewis and published in The book centers around Carol Milford, a free-spirited young woman from Saint Paul Minnesota who marries a doctor from a small town.4/5(). Harry Sinclair Lewis was born in Sauk Centre, Minnesota, on February 7, , the third son of Edwin J.

Lewis and Emma Kermott Lewis. His father, grandfather, and older brother were all small-town doctors. Lewis was a lonely, awkward boy who liked to read.

Main street by sinclair lewis

He began writing while in high school, and. Main Street is a novel by Sinclair Lewis that was first published in Kimberly Andrade has practiced in litigation since receiving her law degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law in During her judicial clerkship in the Connecticut Superior Court, she assisted trial court judges with legal research and drafting decisions.

Main Street is a satirical novel written by Sinclair Lewis, and published in

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