Good thesis paper battle star galactica

Moore, details his goals in bringing the Re-imagined Series to life. Naturalistic Science Fiction or Taking the Opera out of Space Opera Our goal is nothing less than the reinvention of the science fiction television series. We take as a given the idea that the traditional space opera, with its stock characters, techno-double-talk, bumpy-headed aliens, thespian histrionics, and empty heroics has run its course and a new approach is required. That approach is to introduce realism into what has heretofore been an aggressively unrealistic genre.

Good thesis paper battle star galactica

Secondly, I will introduce William Adama and the crew aboard the Galactica.

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The theory behind the philosophy of Utilitarianism stems from a man named Jeremy Bentham. Moore To Bentham, beings controlled by pleasure and pain bear the moral responsibility to limit pain and maximize pleasure to its greatest extent.

He had advocated for the rights of animals so that they may be considered equals on the basis that they feel pain just as we do.

Peter Singer believes just as Jeremy Bentham does concerning animals and that only creatures that can feel pain should be counted within the utilitarian calculus.

A stone does not have interests because it cannot suffer, nothing that we can do to it could possibly make any difference to its welfare. The capacity for suffering and enjoyment is however, not only necessary, but also sufficient for us to say that a being has interests and at an absolute minimum, an interest in not suffering.

He lives on a planet far away from earth that has a history much more dated than our own and technology much more advanced. The world in which they call their home has been eradicated of human life due to tactics of an enemy they had never expected, robots that call themselves Cylons.

The only surviving humans left are those that have abandoned the planet and fled the invading Cylon attack aboard military or civilian spacecraft. The crew aboard the Battlestar Galactica fight for the survival of the human race against the robotic army threatening their extinction.

They are left to search the galaxy looking for a new home, a place far away from the Cylon menace. Within the ethical theory of utilitarianism, everything that feels pain has a place for concern and the goal is to give the least possible pain for those that can feel it.

On the show, this becomes a problematic consideration as the robotic Cylons not only feel pain as humans do but they act and look like humans as well. It is impossible to determine the difference between Cylons and humans, even at a molecular level.

Thus the character such as Cylon model 8, aka Sharron, adopts her role within the crew only to wreak destruction when activated. Good thing there are people aboard his own ship that Adama knows he can count on, such as his son Apollo.

As defined earlier, the theory of utilitarianism is based on the prevention of pain but also the promotion of happiness.

This comes at a high cost in some instances.

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For example in one episode, the character Starbuck, the hot-shot pilot and daughter figure to Adama, becomes stranded with little hope of survival. The Commander is left with the decision to abandon her or search for her, risking the lives of the fleet. Adama loves Starbuck very deeply and searches for her beyond the time given to him by President Roslin.

He eventually decides to sacrifice her to her fate despite the great feeling of loss he may experience. As a utilitarian Adama understands that the number of lives within the fleet greatly outweighs his personal happiness. In order to fight the Cylons, Adama views Cylons as machines as opposed to men and attempts to promote happiness in their destruction.

Although Adama never directly claims that Cylons are without life, he hints to his view of Cylons in the following quote. Is that what Boomer was, a machine? She was more than that to us. She was more than that to me. She was a vital, living person aboard my ship for almost two years. Could you love a machine?

Adama knew Sharron and expressed his view of her as a human being. This is also his first encounter with a Cylon that he knows personally. The quote is proof that before Sharron, his view of Cylons was not that they were human in any way, but synthetic hybrids.

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However to develop a relationship that seemed genuinely human with a machine sparked the beginning of his skepticism towards their race. Before Sharron, killing Cylons was easy for Commander Adama.

Before Sharron, he could kill Cylons without doubt nor moral guilt. Adamas utilitarian actions at the beginning of the series spoke louder than his words. Many instances had he promoted the success of the soldiers that serve him in their victories against the Cylons.

This of course, improved morale within the fleet for the more Cylons they killed, the better their chances of survival.

Adama knows a good utilitarian commander strives to improve happiness over that of pain. But with the understanding of cylons as being more human than he realized he must now compartmentalize his utilitarian moral views toward humanity.TAGS: an essay on the role of genders in today's society a view from the bridge character essays a visit from the footbinder essay annotated bibliography for personal responsibility essay mla format for thesis in paper princeton university essays in international finance good thesis paper battle star galactica short essay on discipline and its.

Good thesis paper battle star galactica

Good Thesis Paper Battle Star Galactica The women of Battlestar Galactica and their roles: then and – ThinkIR is brought to you for free and open access by ThinkIR. This paper examines Battlestar Galactica, a science fiction TV show. words bring up a strong issue concerning assigned roles in media: the genre is a powerful.

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Battlestar Galactica‘s proper first episode, as EW‘s own Darren Franich exhaustively illustrated, is a phenomenal hour of television. It’s a thesis statement for the entire series—its.

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