Black enterprise business report facebook issue

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Black enterprise business report facebook issue

Over-Concentration The Authority has not identified that over-concentration exists in the categories of work that DBE firms are available to perform. Business Development Programs The Authority plans to establish a business development program.

The Authority will bring to the attention of the Department of Transportation any false, fraudulent, or dishonest conduct in connection with the program, so that DOT can take the steps e. The Authority will consider similar action under its legal authorities, including responsibility determinations in future contracts.

black enterprise business report facebook issue

The Authority will also provide a monitoring and enforcement mechanism to verify that work committed to DBEs at contract award is actually performed by the DBEs.

This will be accomplished by submission of vendor payment report by the prime contractor and on-site project visits by Authority staff. The report generally includes the following information that will be submitted through TrAMs: Overall Goals A description of the methodology to calculate the overall goal and the goal calculations can be found in Attachment D to this program.

The overall goals will be updated annually. This committee will consist of the following: Comments will be accepted from the general public and FTA for 45 days from the date of the notice. The Authority will issue this notice by June 1 of each year. The Authority will hold a public meeting to discuss the proposed goal.

The Authority will begin using the overall goal on Oct. Transit Vehicle Manufacturers TVM Goals The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority including sub-recipients will require each transit vehicle manufacturer, as a condition of being authorized to bid or propose on FTA-assisted transit vehicle procurements, to certify that it has complied with the requirements of section The language included in all Transit Vehicle Manufacturers solicitations states the following: In setting the overall goal, you should be guided, to the extent applicable, by the principles underlying 49 CFR Part The base from which the TVM calculates this goal is the amount of FTA financial assistance included in transit vehicle contracts TVMs will perform during the fiscal year in question.

TVMs must exclude from this base, funds attributable to work performed outside the United States and its territories, possessions, and commonwealths. These requirements and procedures with respect to submission and approval of overall goals apply to TVMs as they do to the Authority.

As a transit vehicle manufacturer, you may make the certification required by this section if you have submitted the goal this section requires and FTA has approved it or not disapproved it.

This breakout will be updated annually when the goal calculation is updated.

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Contract Goals The Authority will use contract goals to meet a portion of the overall goal. The Authority does not project being able to meet the goal using race-neutral means. Contract goals are established so that, over the period to which the overall goal applies, the contract goals will cumulatively result in meeting any portion of the overall goal that is not projected to be met through the use of race-neutral means.

The Authority will establish contract goals only on those DOT-assisted contracts that have subcontracting possibilities. The Authority need not establish a contract goal on every such contract, and the size of contract goals will be adapted to the circumstances of each such contract availability of DBEs to perform the particular type of work and projected subcontractable dollar amount or percentage of work available to DBEs.

The Authority will express its contract goals as a percentage of the total amount of a DOT-assisted contract. Examples in determining good faith efforts are: Did the offeror attend any scheduled pre-solicitation or pre-proposal meetings to inform DBEs of contracting and subcontracting opportunities?

black enterprise business report facebook issue

Did the offeror advertise in general circulation, trade association and minority-focus media concerning the subcontracting opportunities? If so, show documentation of the publications and when advertised.

Did the offeror provide written notice to a reasonable number of specific DBEs that their interest in the contract was being solicited, in sufficient time to allow the DBEs to participate effectively?

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If so, provide proof or a record of the solicitation s. Did the offeror follow up with the DBE firms interested in participating?

If so, show documentation of which DBEs contacted and when the follow up occurred. Did the offeror select portions of work to be done by DBEs including dividing contracts into economically feasible units to facilitate participation? Did the offeror negotiate in good faith with interested DBEs, not rejecting DBEs as unqualified without sound reasons?

Please indicate the DBEs that you attempted to contract with and the reasons for rejections. Did the offeror make efforts to provide assistance to obtain bonding, lines of credit, or insurance if applicable? If so, show documentation of these efforts, the organizations and the contact persons.

The names and addresses of DBE firms that will participate in the contract; A description of the work that each DBE will perform; The dollar amount of the participation of each DBE firm participating; Written and signed documentation of commitment to use a DBE subcontractor whose participation it submits to meet a contract goal; Written and signed confirmation from the DBE that it is participating in the contract as provided in the prime contractors commitment; And, if the contract goal is not met, evidence of good faith efforts.

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The selected contractor shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin or sex in the performance of a resulting DOT-assisted contract. The Authority determines a DBE participation goal in contracts with potential subcontracting opportunities."Black Enterprise Business Report," a syndicated television series focusing on African American business, is produced in collaboration with Chicago-based Central City Productions (CCP).

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Bed Rest Concierge has been interviewed and featured in several media outlets including The Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, Spark & Hustle, the, CBS 11 News, Good Day New York, The Dallas Business Journal, The Story Exchange, WFAA Channel 8, National Association of Women on the Rise, Fox 4 and The Bethenny Show.

Prior to rejoining BLACK ENTERPRISE, he was a senior writer at Moneymagazine, covering mutual funds and small business issues. Earlier in his career, Dingle founded and served as president and CEO of Milestone Media Inc., the nation’s largest black-owned comic book company.

BLACK ENTERPRISE is the premier resource for black entrepreneurship including events and coverage for entrepreneurs of color; career and money advice; and spotlights on the most innovative black. Richard A. Dent III, Self: Black Enterprise Business Report. IMDb. Movies, TV & Showtimes.

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