Anthropological papers (university of michigan. museum of anthropology)

Shalinsky Anthropology The department of Anthropology promotes the understanding of humankind from an integrated, holistic approach which examines past, present and future trends in cultural, biological and linguistic diversity and uniformity. Though the department serves undergraduate and graduate majors who will become professional anthropologists or will pursue other related careers, it also provides information to a large number of non-majors and to the larger community regarding cross-cultural issues. Furthermore, because of its commitment to the four field approach including biological anthropology, archaeology, cultural anthropology and linguistic anthropology, the department fosters among its students an awareness of the interrelatedness of scientific concepts, methods and theories, and the humanistic foundation of scientific inquiry. The Department of Anthropology prepares its students both to understand the cultural resources of Wyoming and to participate as informed citizens in an increasingly complex global community.

Anthropological papers (university of michigan. museum of anthropology)

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Anthropological Papers, no. Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan. Ann Arbor.

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Description Pomranky Site, Midland County, Michigan. Plan of burial feature. Holdings 35mm slide: Source Type Detail Book Citation: "The Pomranky Site: A . Michigan. University. Museum of Anthropology. Anthropological papers ; no. 15 Anthropological papers (University of Michigan. Museum of Anthropology) ; no. 15 Technical Details Access in Virgo Classic; Staff View. LEADER cam aIi u SIRSI. LOUISE E. SWEET. Tell Toquaan: A Syrian Village. (Anthropological Papers, Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan, No. ) Pp. xiv,

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Anthropology News, Volume 46 Invited Session invites applications issues language letter of application linguistic Linguistic Anthropology Mapuche medical anthropology ment Museum National organized Organizer/Chair Papers participants political pology position Psychological Anthropology scholars Search Committee Section seeks Society.

Anthropological papers (university of michigan. museum of anthropology)

The Prehistoric Animal ecology and ethnozoology of the upper Great Lakes Region, University of Michigan, Museum of Anthropology, Anthropological Papers, No. Hoffman, Walter J.

Since , the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropological Archaeology (formerly the Museum of Anthropology) has been publishing academic books that feature excellent scholarship, meticulous research, and innovative interpretation.

We continue this tradition today, publishing data-rich monographs on the archaeology and ethnology of North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.

The University of Michigan-Dearborn Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology prepares students for graduate work in anthropology, museum studies, and other social science fields. Anthropology is both conducting university-level research projects, papers, and other reasearch assignments.

Students will learn important research skills.

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